Fishing at Pond 3

Hill AFB's Natural Resource Program is introducing a new fishing program on Hill AFB to allow those who would like to fish on base the opportunity.  The program will be catch and release only at Pond 3, starting in late spring of 2015.  Currently, in the pond there are Green sunfish, Black bullhead catfish, Rainbow trout, and Tiger trout.  However, depending on funds obtained from permits, Smallmouth bass will be stocked depending on approval from the state.  Small Wipers were stocked June 2018, and should provide a good challenge for those fishing.  Fishing permits will be available through this website and will cost $5 for a 365 day permit, authorizing the individual to fish Pond 3.  If you are under 12 years of age, no fishing permit is required.  First, register on this site and then you can acquire your fishing permit.  For questions about the program, you can contact the natural resources program by calling 801-777-7652 or emailing