This list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has been compiled as a quick and easy reference; it is not intended to be a comprehensive guide. For more in-depth information refer to the current Big Game Regulations and Guidebook at:


1.  Who can apply for a HAFB archery deer hunt voucher?

A hunter that has a valid:

  • Utah general archery buck deer permit. (Unit 4/5/6 Chalk Creek/East Canyon/Morgan-South Rich for first season, any unit thereafter) 
  • Utah Hunting or Combination License
    (For more details on obtaining this license and permit visit
  • DoD issued identification card or be accompanied AT ALL TIMES by a HAFB sponsor


 2.  How do I apply for a HAFB archery deer hunt voucher?

Go to to register and apply to the desired hunt season dates during the open application period (usually mid-June to mid-July).

Applicants are chosen using a computer-generated, random number selection process. Priority is given in the following order:

  1. Active Duty and Reserve Military members
  2. Retired Military members and DoD Civilian employees
  3. Immediate household (dependent) Military Family Members and Hill AFB Contractors
  4. General public (Hill AFB sponsor required)

Any falsification of candidate’s information disqualifies said candidate from drawing a tag, as well as any opportunity to hunt on base for three years.

Applicants may apply to all four seasons but must pay the $5 application fee for each hunt applied.

Successful applicants will be notified via email to log back into to print out their deer hunt voucher.


3.  Can the hunt be canceled or put on hold?

Yes, the hunt may at any time be placed on hold or temporarily suspended due to HAFB Security measures or during ORI/ORE procedures.


4.  What do I do if the deer runs out of the hunt zone?

If you happen to shoot a deer that moves out of the hunt zone and into restricted military areas, please secure your bow and belongings in your vehicle then contact the HAFB Natural Resource Office, Jace Taylor, 801-775-2351 or Nicholas Brown, 801.777.7652 or Security Forces (801) 777-3056 for information on accessing restricted areas outside of the hunt boundary. DO NOT enter any potentially restricted military areas without first checking with HAFB security personnel or you may be in violation of federal trespassing laws.

If the animal goes out of the hunt zone onto privately owned non-HAFB land, please contact the HAFB Natural Resource Office, Jace Tayor, 801-775-2351 or Nicholas Brown, 801.777.7652 and the private landowner before moving onto the land. It is also recommended that you contact HAFB Security Forces (801) 777-3056 to ensure the land is indeed private and not a restricted military area. If entering private land without permission you could receive a violation for trespassing.


5.  Do I need permission to leave my vehicle unattended while hunting on base?

Participants in the HAFB archery deer hunt MUST display their vehicle pass when leaving their vehicle unattended. It needs to be placed in plain sight on the dashboard of your vehicle. Due to heightened security measures an unattended vehicle may be cause for suspicion.


6.  Who can I contact for more information?

You may contact the HAFB Natural Resource Office, Jace Taylor, 801-775-2351; or Nicholas Brown, 801.777.7652; with any additional questions and/or comments.