Hill AFB Deer Hunt


Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) are one of many wildlife species found on Hill Air Force Base.  Without proper management of the population, the mule deer could exceed the carrying capacity of their habitat on base and become a safety issue for the installation. Hunting is an important tool for wildlife management; it gives resource managers another valuable tool to control populations. HAFB conducts an archery deer hunt annually, issuing around 20 archery deer hunt vouchers to assist in keeping the deer population on Base within desired limits.  This year, in an effort to increase the age class of some of the bucks on base we will issue a few more doe vouchers and a few less buck vouchers.

Archery Hunting on HAFB Requirements

Hunters interested in obtaining a HAFB archery deer hunt voucher will first need a valid Utah general archery buck deer permit, and a Utah hunting or combination license issued from the state of Utah.  Also, in order to hunt the first season on base you must have a general archery buck permit for unit 4/5/6 Chalk Creek/East Canyon/Morgan-South Rich; to apply to the remaining seasons on base, any Utah general archery buck permit will qualify.  Doe permits for unit 4/5/6 can also be utilized on base to harvest a doe.  It is unlawful to hunt on HAFB without a valid permit, license, and voucher. For more information on the State of Utah's hunt and license purchase visit https://wildlife.utah.gov/hunting-in-utah/hunting-information/big-game.html.


Next, one can apply for a HAFB archery deer hunt voucher from Monday, 3 June, 2019 through Sunday, 28 July, 2019.

Successful applicants will be notified via email on Wednesday, 31 July, 2019.

Successful archery hunt applicants will ONLY be allowed to hunt in
designated areas (North, Southon Base and must have a valid active DoD issued identification card, or be accompanied AT ALL TIMES by someone that does.

Further information about the HAFB Archery Deer Hunt is available below and
on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Applying for HAFB Archery Deer Hunt

Application requirements

  • A Utah general archery buck deer permit for unit 4/5/6 to hunt on base during the state's general archery buck deer hunt that runs 17 Aug - 13 Sept. To hunt during the Extended Archery Season, Sept. 14 - Nov. 30, a Utah general archery buck deer permit for any unit will qualify
  • Active DoD issued identification card or be accompanied AT ALL TIMES by someone that holds a valid active DoD issued identification card

Application Process

  • Applicants can apply online for a Hill AFB archery deer hunt voucher at https://hillafb.isportsman.net, once they are registered, Monday, 3 June, 2019 - Sunday, 28 July, 2019
  • The selection process for a voucher is conducted using a computer-generated process that chooses each candidate randomly. Candidates are selected from each of the four hunting seasons lists with priority given as follows:
    1. Active Duty and Reserve Military members
    2. Retired Military members and DoD Civilian employees
    3. Immediate household (dependent) Military Family Members and Hill AFB Contractors
    4. General public (Hill AFB sponsor required)
  • Successful applicants will be chosen, and notified via email on Wednesday, 31 July, 2019
  • Any falsification of candidate‚Äôs information disqualifies said candidate from drawing a tag, as well as any opportunity to hunt on base for three years.
  • Applicants may apply to all four seasons but must pay the $5 application fee for each hunt applied.

Successful applicants must complete the following by Wednesday, 08 August 2019 to participate in the 2019 HAFB Archery Deer Hunt

  • Obtain a vehicle pass
  • Division's Archery Ethics course. It takes about 30 minutes to complete it. You are required to carry your Archery Ethics Course certificate of completion with you while you are hunting
  • Scan and submit your valid Utah general archery buck deer permit, and Archery Ethics Course to Nicholas Brown (nicholas.brown.51@us.af.mil)


All successful applicants for the 2019 HAFB Archery Deer Hunt are required to adhere to both the HAFB Archery Deer Hunt and the http://wildlife.utah.gov/hunting-in-utah/hunting-information/big-game.html provisions, such as leagal hunting distances from roads, buildings, etc.

HAFB Archery Deer Hunt Provisions

  1. Hunting hours are 30 minutes before official sunrise until 30 minutes past official sunset each day.
  2. Hunting will only be allowed within the designated hunting zone which is located on the eastern edge of HAFB (see maps North, South).
  3. If hunting in the BORTA a hunter is REQUIRED to contact the 75 SFS BDOC prior to hunting. The hunter will need to provide them with his/her name, and phone number, Utah Archery tag number, vehicle license plate number, and the general area they will be parked. They will also need to contact the 75 SFS BDOC when finished and have left the area. (801) 777-3056/3507
  4. A hunter is only allowed to hunt during the hunter's assigned time frame.
  5. Hunters must report hunting results within five business days following assigned hunting time frame. Failure to report results will disqualify hunter from future HAFB hunts.
  6. You must leave a vehicle pass in your unattended vehicle (where it is visible on your dashboard) while you are hunting. This vehicle pass will be provided to you if you are one of the successful applicants.
  7. No off-highway vehicle usage allowed. (Motorcycles, 4X4, 4X6, ATV's etc.)
  8. Hunters are restricted to archery equipment only on Hill Air Force Base (as described in http://wildlife.utah.gov/hunting-in-utah/hunting-information/big-game.html).
  9. The HAFB permit will allow selected hunters only to hunt on HAFB. The HAFB permit is not an additional archery deer hunting permit.
  10. Only harvest a 2 point buck or smaller.  A two point buck is a buck with at least one antler having 2 tines (points), not including the eye gaurd.  A tine (point) is a projection that's longer than 1", measured from its base to its tip (New Requirement). A buck is no longer considered a 2 point buck, when at least one antler has more than 2 tines (points), not including the eye gaurd.

HAFB Archery Deer Hunt

ATTENTION: This year hunters will only be allowed to take a TWO POINT BUCK or smaller, as well as does!  The reason for the change is due to a new perimeter fence.  The new fence is taller, and will inhibit deer from crossing the fence line as they have done in the past.  For this reason, the age class of bucks will be increased by not hunting three point or better bucks this year to diversify the population dynamics of the herd on base.  This strategy will be in place for 1 to 2 years, and then all bucks will be able to be hunted with a new management program.

The HAFB Archery Deer Hunt coincides with that of the Division of Wildlife Resources, Wasatch Front Extended Archery Area Hunt. Only archery equipment may be used to take a deer on HAFB.

NOTE: Extended archery deer hunt (as described in http://wildlife.utah.gov/hunting-in-utah/hunting-information/big-game.html)

Utah Administrative Rule R657-5-23
If you obtain a general-season archery deer permit in 2019 and you complete the online extended archery ethics course, you may also hunt any of Utah's extended archery areas during the extended archery deer season.
In December 2011, the Utah Wildlife Board approved changes to three extended archery boundaries for the 2012 season. To see the updated maps and boundaries, visit wildlife.utah.gov/maps.
The online archery ethics course is an annual requirement for archers who want to hunt the extended areas and seasons. To take the course, visit go.usa.gov/5fb before the extended seasons begin. After you successfully complete the course, print your completion certificate and keep it with you while hunting.

Projected Permits issued 2019

17 Aug 2019 - 13 Sep 2019 

    2 permits 

    Buck Only

14 Sep 2019 - 09 Oct 2019

    15 permits

    Doe Only

10 Oct 2019 - 04 Nov 2019

    15 permits

    Doe Only

05 Nov 2019 - 30 Nov 2019

    2 permits

    Buck or Doe

If you have additional questions please contact the Natural Resource Office, Nicholas Brown, 801.777.7652 Office or nicholas.brown.51@us.af.mil with any additional questions and/or comments.